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Abundance Awaits You

Grow, Cook, Connect, Bloom

Meet Edesiagurl

Edesia (AH-DEE-JAH) embodies respect for and the pleasures of food from seed to plate. As a Chef and Farmer, Edesiagurl is your Superhero promoting hyper-local food systems to end the unnecessary food insecurities found in our communities.


She teaches people how to grow edible gardens, farmers to farm sustainably, and promotes wellness through the joy of cooking and eating local food. Join her in revolutionizing how we grow, cook, and eat.

Community Farming

Join me in creating sustainable, community-driven gardens. Together, we can strengthen our local food system and bring nutrient rich food to the community spaces that nourish both body and soul. Let 's grow ya’ll!

Wellness Education
for All Ages

Learning is a lifelong journey. My garden to table educational programs are designed for all ages from kids to seniors. Let’s learn and grow together fostering a love for another, ourselves, and the Earth.

Edible Garden
Consulting & Coaching

Personalized garden consultations for homes, communities, and businesses. Get advice on edible gardening, seasonal vegetables, fruits, flowers, and creating an outdoor space with both functional and beautiful


My 1:1 coaching sessions will set you up for success as you learn sustainable and organic gardening techniques and how to grow your own food and be a happier, healthier being.

Cook What You Grow with Edesiagurl

What do you do with the abundance of nutritious food you’ve grown? EAT IT! Learn to cook delicious meals from a Chef who LOVES to teach in the kitchen! From beginners to seasoned cooks, learn fundamentals and techniques that will help you discover new flavors and make cooking fun and rewarding.

Learn and Expand

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My all purpose seasoning is handcrafted with natural ingredients (and my love) that will bring flavor to EVERYTHING and make your dishes a culinary masterpiece. Lets get cooking!


Explore more of my work and get inspired!

​​Meet Me In
These Streets!

Savage Farmers Market

Come shop from local producers to explore all the fresh, locally grown produce and delicious culinary creations awaiting you! Wednesdays, 3:30pm to 7:30pm through August 28th


Top of the day

omg! The seasoning is so bomb! Again, thank you!

Your seasoning is delishhhhh the whole family agrees!!
We did a bed of thyme with lemons and salmon on top with Edesiagurl’s seasoning and it was perfection!

thank you for the seasoning and wine! I have already cooked with it 2x and I LOVE it.

Lets Chat!

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